How will my new dentures look?

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the right smile. I personalize dentures by using old photographs for a set-up, different shades of teeth and arrange them with character to avoid the “picket face smile”.

With the denturist’s advice choose the shape and color of teeth that you would like. Some patients bring in photos to assist the denturist with the selection of teeth.  Deciding to have a similar or whole new smile, it’s up to you.

How will they fit?

Dentures should be comfortable and pain free. A proper fitting denture will allow you to enjoy foods that provide nutrition and have a balanced diet. Replacing an ill-fitting denture or missing teeth will enhance your appearance and ability to chew.

I am only missing a couple teeth can I wear a denture?

Yes, a Partial denture can fill the missing spaces between your current dentition, thereby improving the person’s look and the way they eat.  When missing teeth on one side, you will be inclined to chew more on the other. This will lead to a greater effort on the remaining teeth and can strain or wear them. When a tooth loses its neighbour it tends to move next door (teeth support each other). Replacing missing teeth can better balance you’re eating function and help keep the remaining teeth in place.

How much do dentures cost?

Cost will be determined with an oral examination and complementary consult. Varying differences of each individual in skeletal shape, remaining teeth, ridge height and alveolar mucosal condition make it necessary for the patient to understand the dental implementations and associated costs.